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In order to continue the assessment of your application, IRCC or province nominee program officer may request additional information and/or documentation to verify the program criteria.
You will be provided a specific time period from the date of the letter to provide the additional information and/or documentation. Should the IRCC or province nominee program officer not receive the requested additional information within the given calendar days, your application will be assessed based on the information already provided.
Therefore, to avoid the chances of your application refusal, it is always advisable to consult a professional. With this in mind, we will prepare a strong and sufficient response and make it a successful submission.
If you have received an additional document request but are unsure how to proceed with the request, book a consultation call today, and let’s get started!

Nitin Immigration Consulting Inc. is an authorized and licensed Immigration Consulting agency based in Canada that offers end-to-end support and services for Canadian Immigration. We help and provide Canadian Immigration services to our clients and act as authorized third parties with respect to the Government of Canada.